Battery-Control-System (Information in ENGLISH)

Magnetronic, LTD. commands more than 25 years of experience in battery technique! Through many years models DCC 2000 and DCC 4000 have been proven systems of battery monitoring.

Technical progress as well as today´s demands resulted in the development of the DCC 6000, a genuine advancement!

Great store was set in providing a large illuminable display, thereby ensuring excellent readability. All vital monitored data, like load- and discharge current, voltage and capacity are simultaneously displayed, while a bar chart provides a constant review of remaining capacities.

Should battery capacity fall below adjustable limits, a flashing bar will signal clear warning. Additionally, the flashing voltage display will also warn of low battery voltage.

The DCC 6000 affords intelligent regulation of electric power supply. By way of percentile programmable capacity limits, loading devises become consumer adjustable.

The DCC 6000 registers loading and discharge currents as well as intermediate charges, and calculates the current charge of your accumulator with consideration of corrective factors. Charge condition is displayed in ampere-hours and percent. Likewise loading and discharge currents, as well as battery voltage, are displayed. You are constantly informed about the operation of generators, both solar and wind powered, battery chargers and/or their governors.

Power consumers precision monitoring result in sensible, and oftentimes essential, economy. Monitoring accuracy also facilitates registration of minutest discharge currents, which over extended periods of time may have substantial effect on available capacity.

Unless such discharge currents are detected, they frequently create considerable problems during recharge of batteries. Minor current leakage may even result in system corrosion. Through peak current short-term storage, you can monitor switch-on current loads.

Pertinent information is displayed on very large, concise and backlit LCD monitors. Acquired monitoring results are stored, and remain preserved even after power shut-downs. The DCC 6000 is your batteries modern, up to date »fuel gauge!« The DCC 6000 is ‹the› reliable precision monitoring instrument for ampere-hours, current and voltage! Simply a lifetime acquisition!

Here you can download more information about the DCC 6000 (information in English).

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